Spintires – Cheap PC games

I have always wanted to buy Spintires but it have never been something i wanted to priority to buy. On steam the game costs about $23 USD, it is a good price, but it is high enough for me to not priority and buy it. I found this website called instant-gaming.com that sold the game for only $6.5 USD. I was a bit unsure about the page, did read some reviews and it looked alright so i bought the game and got my Steam code with once after i did my payment.


I got my game and installed it without problems, and are finally ready to play Spintires! The game is a four wheel drive simulator where you can drive big trucks where you can change gears, lock your diff, turn on and off all wheel drive. Everything a four wheel drive game should have and i love it. The maps are big, great cars and trucks and a very realistic scenery. I am amazed that they could make the scenery and cars that good without you needing a high spec gaming pc. The recommend specs are so low that you could probably game on your laptop (would not recommend you to do that, i will take no responsibility of broken laptops).

I have played the game for about 6 hours now and will enjoy many more hours. Here are some pictures of me driving in the woods (even the guy in the truck looks at the camera).


I would totally recommend this game, and if you are looking for the cheapest place to buy it i would recommend you to try instant-gaming.com. I do not think that the page is so known by gamers, but it is a legit site, and when you can save a bit of money, why not buy from them.

What is your experience with instant-gaming.com and do you like Spintires?

Motherboard finally arrived – NAS Project – Update #3

I got the motherboard, replaced the thermal paste. And it works!

So it is time to test it, i had a live USB Debian laying around so decided to test the motherboard with that. As you can see the heatsink and fan is really big, and the temperature was around 30 – 35 degrees Celsius, and 45 with the fan unplugged. I did some web browsing, watched some youtube videos, and i am impressed that old computer parts still works that good, it is a Pentium dual core 3 GHz, but still old and amazing.

So the next ting i will be waiting for is the SSD, the PCIe card, need to get a case and a power supply (could not find any old ones). Follow my blog to see how my NAS build goes.

My Chromebook C300

I got the Chromebook C300 4GB memory version. I use it mostly for school, it got everything i need. It is very light weight and around 11 hours of battery, that is amazing for a cheap laptop.

I installed Debian 64 bit with crouton to make more of my chromebook, but i cannot say that i really need it. And it got some issues, like it cant find the Linux kernel (if anyone know how to fix it, please comment). But something good with having linux is that you can install VLC media player and play all your movies when you are on the go. Last time i did this, i forgot to install VLC, so up in the air with no internet connection, great!

Products used in this post

Chromebook C300 4GB memory – https://goo.gl/zChbo5


I got a medium cost pc, it runs pretty much all new games on high quality settings. I get around 30 FPS on the most games, that is playable, but i would have enjoyed a 60 FPS much more. My camera is not with me on taking nice detailed pictures of my pc, so of all the pictures i took, this is the one that was not blurred.

My specs:

As you can see, I also got some water cooling going on. Currently the GPU is not water cooled because of a leak i had about a week ago. But a new one is bought and on its way. I plan to set a 120 x 120mm radiator where the seagate drives stands right now when i build my NAS, for more cooling. I do also have one 240 x 120 mm radiator on the top of the case. You can see the fan, and it does helps a little, but i will remove the fan when the 120 x 120 mm radiator is installed. I do also got the cheapest radiators i found, they are good enough, but i would have bought some cobber ones instead so i do not mix any metals like i do now. I do not need a reservoir because the pump have a integritet one. On the pump i have something like a controller, it gives it less power so the pump does not make that much noise and will still perform well.

My water cooling parts:

The GPU block is the new one, not the one that did leak.

So this is my pc, what do you think? Is it good, bad, a good budget PC, to low specs for water cooling? Say your opinion in the comment section below.

Old Hard Drive benchmark – Samsung HD154UI – Update #2

This is a follow up on the 6 year old Samsung HD154UI 1.5 TB Hard Drive. So i wanted to test my old hard drive to check if it is any good, and the results look bad. I tested my SSD’s, my 2 TB drives and the 1.5 TB drive.

Here are the results:

From top left: Samsung 850 SSD 120GB, Samsung 850 SSD 250GB, Seagate 2TB (in raid 1 so only one test) and the old Samsung HD154UI 1.5 TB.

As you see the old drive is a bit far behind on my seagate hard drives, about 100 MB/s. And even worse on the SSD’s. The SSD’s are about 5-6 times the speed, and that is impressing for the SSD’s, but not for my old drive. I got a motherboard and cables that supports Sata 3. Every drive is Sata 3 without my old hard drive, the Samsung HD154UI, it is Sata 2. So the problem is probably there.

So here we did some good results, i am a bit worried of the speed if i put the drive in the NAS server. Because it would not be the internet that slows down the transfer speed, but the drive. I should think about buying two new drives. It would have been fun to use this drive to, to check how long it would have survived.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment if you have any questions or want me to test other stuff. 🙂


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More storage devices – NAS Project – Update #2

My NAS motherboard does only have 2 Sata slots, so i would need 4 more. I found a lot of cards online, on both eBay and Amazon. But my motherboard does only have one PCIe x1 slot, so not all cards would fit on my motherboard. A card that works great with FreeNAS is a SAS card, but it does not fit on my motherboard so i do need to find another one, like a Marvell 88SE9215.

Generic Internal SAS SATA 9211-8i
Generic Internal SAS SATA 9211-8i

I do recommend this SAS card (2 SAS slots, with the cable it will be 8 Sata slots): Generic Internal SAS SATA 9211-8i 6Gbps 8 Ports HBA PCI-E RAID Controller Card

You would also need some SAS to Sata cables: Cable Matters Internal Mini-SAS to 4x SATA Forward Breakout Cable 3.3 Feet

Why choose a SAS card instead of a normal Sata card? Well, it got some issues having a normal Sata card, some of them is that it does not allow you to run SMART on your drives. But anyway, i am using the Sata card because it fits in my PCIe x1, and it is a bit cheaper. It is a risk to take, i have read that sometimes it would not work, but i am taking the risk. I found Marvell 88SE9215 Sata card for $36.5 USD, it got 4 x Sata 3 slots. It is not important that it got Sata 3 (Sata 2 is fine), but why not.

Marvell 88SE9215
Marvell 88SE9215

Marvell 88SE9215 Sata card: IO Crest 4 Port SATA III PCI-e 2.0 x1 Controller Card Marvell Non-Raid with Low Profile Bracket SI-PEX40064

Something i have been thinking about is what to do if i want 6 sata drives and what to do with the SSD that store my FreeNAS OS. If that day comes, i think i would install FreeNAS on a USB, not recommend but i think it will work.

Updates on how the Marvell 88SE9215 card did, will come in future posts.

6 year old Samsung HD154UI 1.5 TB Hard Drive – Update #1

I want to show you my 6 year old Samsung HD154UI 1.5 terabyte hard drive. The average disk lives about 4 years, and that is why this Samsung drive impresses me, the production date is 2009 and 7 years later with 6 years of daily usage it still works.

My old harddrive
My old harddrive

I did replace it with a 120 GB SSD Samsung 850 about 6 months ago, and have since then used it as a backup device until today. I do also have 2 x 2 TB Seagate hard drives that i bought about 1 year ago. If you did read my NAS server project, you would probably already know what i am going to do with the disks. Yes, put them in the NAS.

This means i will have 2 x 2 TB and 1 x 1,5 TB storage on the NAS. I am thinking of buing another one so i would have RAID 1 on the 2 x 2 TB and the 1,5 TB. But i am unsure if i want to have a 1 TB or 2 TB drive with the 1,5 TB, because it will probably die soon anyway, so i would replace it with the same amount as the other new one.

On my daily pc i will have the 120 GB Samsung 850 SSD and another 250 GB Samsung 850 SSD. I do like the SSD’s, it comes with an easy to use software and they got a great design. Maybe not the cheapest or the best SSD’s on the market, but it depends on what you like.

I will update you with some smart tests in the next post.


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My NAS Server Project – Update #1

So i have been watching some videos on YouTube and got inspired to make a NAS server at home. I am trying to get the most bang for the buck, so i will use minimal with money on my server.

I have desided to go with a white version of the Fractal Design Node 304. Wasn’t this a budget build? Well, yes, but everything budget without the case!

Fractal Design Node 304
Fractal Design Node 304

I really like the case, the design is just beautiful. Another plus is that it got 6 x trays for 3.5″ drives, which is perfect for a home NAS.
Because of the case, i would need a mini-ITX motherboard, i got a Pegatron IPX41-R3 motherboard included a Intel Dual Core E5700 and 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Price: 504 NOK (59 USD).

I got a 30GB SSD from China for about 210 NOK (25 USD). I know it would not be the best SSD on the market, but it is good enough for my NAS server. I will do some more testing and benchmarking of the SSD when i get it.

I think i got an old power supply at home, so i do not need to buy a new one (hopefully).

Product list (so far):


Total cost so far is 74 USD.