Old Hard Drive benchmark – Samsung HD154UI – Update #2

This is a follow up on the 6 year old Samsung HD154UI 1.5 TB Hard Drive. So i wanted to test my old hard drive to check if it is any good, and the results look bad. I tested my SSD’s, my 2 TB drives and the 1.5 TB drive.

Here are the results:

From top left: Samsung 850 SSD 120GB, Samsung 850 SSD 250GB, Seagate 2TB (in raid 1 so only one test) and the old Samsung HD154UI 1.5 TB.

As you see the old drive is a bit far behind on my seagate hard drives, about 100 MB/s. And even worse on the SSD’s. The SSD’s are about 5-6 times the speed, and that is impressing for the SSD’s, but not for my old drive. I got a motherboard and cables that supports Sata 3. Every drive is Sata 3 without my old hard drive, the Samsung HD154UI, it is Sata 2. So the problem is probably there.

So here we did some good results, i am a bit worried of the speed if i put the drive in the NAS server. Because it would not be the internet that slows down the transfer speed, but the drive. I should think about buying two new drives. It would have been fun to use this drive to, to check how long it would have survived.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment if you have any questions or want me to test other stuff. 🙂


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6 year old Samsung HD154UI 1.5 TB Hard Drive – Update #1

I want to show you my 6 year old Samsung HD154UI 1.5 terabyte hard drive. The average disk lives about 4 years, and that is why this Samsung drive impresses me, the production date is 2009 and 7 years later with 6 years of daily usage it still works.

My old harddrive
My old harddrive

I did replace it with a 120 GB SSD Samsung 850 about 6 months ago, and have since then used it as a backup device until today. I do also have 2 x 2 TB Seagate hard drives that i bought about 1 year ago. If you did read my NAS server project, you would probably already know what i am going to do with the disks. Yes, put them in the NAS.

This means i will have 2 x 2 TB and 1 x 1,5 TB storage on the NAS. I am thinking of buing another one so i would have RAID 1 on the 2 x 2 TB and the 1,5 TB. But i am unsure if i want to have a 1 TB or 2 TB drive with the 1,5 TB, because it will probably die soon anyway, so i would replace it with the same amount as the other new one.

On my daily pc i will have the 120 GB Samsung 850 SSD and another 250 GB Samsung 850 SSD. I do like the SSD’s, it comes with an easy to use software and they got a great design. Maybe not the cheapest or the best SSD’s on the market, but it depends on what you like.

I will update you with some smart tests in the next post.


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