Cardboard Server? – NAS Project – Update #4

It have been some time since i posted about the FreeNAS server. And a lot have been done since then. I got the $22 USD 30GB SSD and the Marvell 88SE9215 Sata card. And i can confirm that the Sata card works perfectly without any issues. I did also get 2 free cables which is nice. The card also came with a normal- and a small bracket for probably mounting in smaller PC cases. I can also confirm that i have bought the Fractal Design Node 304 case, but it is still on the way. A friend had an old Lenovo desktop computer, and he gave me the power supply for free. Also the PC had computer memory that did fit in my motherboard, that i also got for free, so i am on 4 GB total of computer memory.

I wanted to build this server that much that i could not wait no more, so i took the cardboard the motherboard came with and, well, made a server out of it.

Cardboard server



What do you guys think? Pretty neat huh?

And yeah it works! But it will be great to get the Node 304 so i can start building the server for real.

Marvell 88SE9215 Sata card

Like i said, the card works with my seagate drives and can handle raid. Here is what is looks like inside the cardboard server:

IO Crest 4 Port SATA III PCI-e 2.0 x1 Controller Card Marvell Non-Raid with Low Profile Bracket SI-PEX40064

New quad core CPU

I installed Plex Media Server inside FreeNAS and everything worked fine until i tried to stream the highest quality of my tv shows. The show started, but then begin to stop and start all the time, that was very annoying. I checked where the bottle neck was, and it looks like it could be my dual core 3.0 Ghz E5700.  So i decided to buy a new one, and the best and cheapest alternative was the Intel Q8400 that is a quad core 2.66 Ghz CPU. And yes, i did already buy it, but installing it will happen when the Node 304 arrive.

Intel Q8400

Only 100 Mbit/s transfer speed 🙁

Something i noticed when i transferred files to the server, is that i only had a 100 Mbit/s transfer speed. And that was way to slow. Especially with my new CAT6 internet cables. After searching the whole web and i could not get any answer, i asked on a forum. They told me to change the port my internet cable was connected to in my Dlink router and voila, it works! I do finally get 1000 Mbit/s transfer speed, much faster than 100 Mbit/s.


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