Drop It – Game for Android and iOS

Some weeks ago i released a game in Google Play store called “Drop it”. Drop it is a very simple game that i made in Unity. The game itself is about dropping the ball in one of the cups that passes by, if you hit a cup, you get a point. If the ball goes outside of the cup, you loose 1 of 3 chances.

Unity 3D

The game is made in 3D, but the camera angle make it look like it is in 2D, this design makes the game unique to its competitors.

In game printscreen

This game is based on a real arcade game where you should drop multiple balls in one cup. That game is very similar to this, only here you would need to drop one ball.

You will get to maximum speed of the cups when you reach 190 points, and the speed will change at 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110 and so on. The number of cups are unlimited and the number of balls. The game is endless, so you can reach any score you want, as long as you do not miss the cup more than three times.

Android, and maybe iOS?

The game is currently available for Android, but i do not like the 1 year fee at Apple, so the game is currently not available for iOS. But if the game goes popular on Google Play, i will probably uploaded it to iOS too.

So if you think this game looks fun, get it at Google Play today! You do not got an Android phone? Well, then recommend the game to your Android friend.