Crossfire two different graphic cards

I got the worst idea of crossfiring my old R7 260X with my new RX 480. And I have never done something similar before, so it will be cool to try. You should not try to crossfire cards that are so different, but let us try and see what happens.

When using crossfire, I know that you need to have a couple of things before you can make it work, so i made this list:

  1. Your motherboard needs to support crossfire.
  2. Both graphic cards need to support crossfire.
  3. Your power supply should have enough power for two graphic cards.
  4. Your power supply needs to have enough cables for powering two graphic cards.

Ready to crossfire?

Am i ready to crossfire? Yes! Well, i am unsure of one thing, the power supply. I have a 600 W power supply and i think that it should be just enough for my both graphic cards. I am not sure if this is going to work or not. Because when I had just the R7 260X, I tried to do the same with Radeon Dual Graphics. Only then with the R7 260X and the A8 APU, without success. So I ended up just overclocking the R7 260X.

Installing the R7 260X

Install of an 2nd graphics card at the second PCI-E slot was not that satisfying. There was a lot of cables that goes to the front USB, Audio and so on that I felt got squeezed against the motherboard. Not that good of a feeling. I also had problems with the 6 pin connector from the power supply. The power supply comes with one 6+2 pin connector and one 6 pin connector. But the problem was, the last 6 pin connector was to short. Then i got stuck, what to do now? And then i remember that i got a 4 pin to 6 pin adapter. And it saved my day. You can find one at Amazon here:

4 pin to 6 pin adapter
4 pin to 6 pin adapter

Getting ready to Crossfire!

Everything is installed, starting up the computer and both graphic cards start up. The computer boots into Windows and i open AMD Radeon setting. And yes, both cards are listed. But the R7 260X is listed at “not active”. So now I am wondering how I can activate the card. So all the drivers are installed, and then I go to AMD’s website to check if I find any solution. AMD say: “Go to the AMD CrossFire option in the AMD Catalyst™ Control Center and make sure that the check box for “Enable AMD CrossFire” is checked.”. To do this, I went to the “Gaming” tab, clicked the “Global Settings”. Both graphic cards are listed, but there is nothing that tells me that i can enable AMD CrossFire. So it looks like it is not possible.

What now?

I tried different stuff, like check if there is possible to enable som kind of crossfire option in the BIOS. But i did not find anything. So my conclusion is that, you cannot crossfire a R7 260X with a RX 480. And even if it worked, I believe that you would not get any better performance out of it. Maybe worse.

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