How to create a cheap water cooling system for your computer

In this post i will show how to make an affordable water cooling for your computer including water blocks for the CPU and the GPU, water pump with reservoir and radiator.

Why should i install water cooling on my pc?

If you are like me, you would do it because it is fun… And maybe some overclocking. My main reason to water cool my pc was because of my annoying GPU fan, it made so much noise. So this is my way to make everything more quiet. Some would probably recommend to buy an 3 fan GPU and quiet fans, but i also wanted to try water cooling. So this is an affordable way to do it yourself.

My setup: CPU Cooling (24.98 USD)

I will be making a water cooling system for my setup. So this is for a AMD A8 6600K FM2 socket. But the ebay listing says that it will fit other sockets to like AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+ and FM1. Also it will fit Intel LGA 775, 1155, 115 and 1366 (this is from the item description on ebay, i do not know for sure that it will fit anything else that FM2). ebay: 

GPU Cooling (11.9 USD)

For the GPU i just had to risk and buy one because it is difficult to find one ebay listing that says this will fit my XFX R7 260X. In the item description it says that it will fit 270X, 280X, 290 and 290X. But no 260X, so i guess you need to check if it will fit your GPU by the 43-61mm range (check the ebay listing for more information: ). But this one will definitely fit the XFX AMD 260X.

Water pump with reservoir (15.99 USD)

This is a water pump that includes a reservoir, make sure you have a 3 pin cable ready for this one. If you don’t have a 3 pin available, then you can get a 3 pin splitter, they do not work as they should do always so make sure you get a quality one. They have the splitter on ebay and amazon. This water pump does make a bit noise, even if it says ultra quiet. But i bought this 3 pin noise reducer from ebay (link: ) and i can’t hear the pump anymore. Here is a ebay link to the pump:

Radiator (13.69 USD)

This is a very simple but okay to use radiator. I installed mine on the back exhaust fan. I got some long screws from ebay, they made me fasten both the fan and the radiator at the same time. If you take the screw from the inside of your case, and through the fan hole. You can fasten the screw inside the small holes that you see at the radiator. Make sure you have a 120mm fan. ebay radiator link:

Tubing (11.6 USD)

For tubing i bought 2 meters of 8*12mm. 2 meters is probably more than enough, i bought 2 to be sure. But 1 meter will probably be enough. I also bought a couple of hose connectors (ebay link: ), in case i cut to little. But the best thing about it is when you are going to drain your system, this one at the back of your computer is brilliant because you dont need to disconnect any tubing from either a radiator or a water block. You have 80% control when disconnecting tubes with this in between. Nothing much to say about the tubes. Link for ebay: .


The total cost is about 78 USD. Which is good when you think about that this is for both the GPU and CPU. I have a very hot system, but manage to get around 40-50 degrees celsius on idle.

Prefer Amazon instead of ebay?

All of my links goes to ebay, but all of the parts is available at Check it out here:

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