How much does it cost to build a NAS server? – NAS Project – Update #6

So, how much did the NAS project really cost? I want to discuss this topic because i have seen they sell NAS servers at a start price around 99 USD. So what is the best? Building your own or buy a 99 USD one.

Are you a simple guy or a tech guy?

I think most of the time this matters. Are you a simple guy who just want to store your files somewhere? Then the 99 USD NAS is probably something for you. If you are like me, and like to build PC stuff, you would probably do the same as me and buy the parts to build your own NAS. Access to old computers for power supply and cables would probably be a advantage.

A cheaper alternative

Raspberry pie – Raspberry pie is a small motherboard that includes a CPU, RAM and a place to store your SD Card. And here you can get a lot of stuff very cheap. But something that your should think of, is that you also need to power the drives, so you would still need a power supply. One time saw a picture of a card that you could connect to the raspberry pi, something like a SAS card. Tell me in the comments if you know anything about this.

Not making a Mini-ITX NAS – I chose to use a Mini-ITX motherboard, because i wanted to use the Fractal Design Node 304 case. But you can choose whatever motherboard you want. I have seen some motherboards that already have up to 6 sata slots, so here you save money on a lot of stuff. You would not need a sata card, the case could be some old free junk with a power supply. Look for an old motherboard that supports LGA775 processors and you would be good to go. Also, buying an old motherboard that supports Intel Xeon CPU’s is also not a bad idea, but the motherboards do not always fit with modern cases, so you should get one with a case.

Buying the 99 USD one from Amazon – The easiest choice is to buy one, but that is no fun. But if you are a simple guy, it is probably the best. But some disadvantages is that you probably cannot install FreeNAS and install stuff like Plex Media Server, Transmission and so on.

Product list with final price for a NAS server

So i want to show you how much i used on the NAS. Let us take a look! Tell me in the comments of what you think of the total cost of the NAS server. Remember that i already had the disks, i did get a free power supply, sata cables and some RAM and i did also get the Fractal Design Node 304 cheap from a local store.

Total cost: 256 USD

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