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I have always wanted to buy Spintires but it have never been something i wanted to priority to buy. On steam the game costs about $23 USD, it is a good price, but it is high enough for me to not priority and buy it. I found this website called instant-gaming.com that sold the game for only $6.5 USD. I was a bit unsure about the page, did read some reviews and it looked alright so i bought the game and got my Steam code with once after i did my payment.


I got my game and installed it without problems, and are finally ready to play Spintires! The game is a four wheel drive simulator where you can drive big trucks where you can change gears, lock your diff, turn on and off all wheel drive. Everything a four wheel drive game should have and i love it. The maps are big, great cars and trucks and a very realistic scenery. I am amazed that they could make the scenery and cars that good without you needing a high spec gaming pc. The recommend specs are so low that you could probably game on your laptop (would not recommend you to do that, i will take no responsibility of broken laptops).

I have played the game for about 6 hours now and will enjoy many more hours. Here are some pictures of me driving in the woods (even the guy in the truck looks at the camera).


I would totally recommend this game, and if you are looking for the cheapest place to buy it i would recommend you to try instant-gaming.com. I do not think that the page is so known by gamers, but it is a legit site, and when you can save a bit of money, why not buy from them.

What is your experience with instant-gaming.com and do you like Spintires?

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