Crossfire two different graphic cards

I got the worst idea of crossfiring my old R7 260X with my new RX 480. And I have never done something similar before, so it will be cool to try. You should not try to crossfire cards that are so different, but let us try and see what happens.

When using crossfire, I know that you need to have a couple of things before you can make it work, so i made this list:

  1. Your motherboard needs to support crossfire.
  2. Both graphic cards need to support crossfire.
  3. Your power supply should have enough power for two graphic cards.
  4. Your power supply needs to have enough cables for powering two graphic cards.

Ready to crossfire?

Am i ready to crossfire? Yes! Well, i am unsure of one thing, the power supply. I have a 600 W power supply and i think that it should be just enough for my both graphic cards. I am not sure if this is going to work or not. Because when I had just the R7 260X, I tried to do the same with Radeon Dual Graphics. Only then with the R7 260X and the A8 APU, without success. So I ended up just overclocking the R7 260X.

Installing the R7 260X

Install of an 2nd graphics card at the second PCI-E slot was not that satisfying. There was a lot of cables that goes to the front USB, Audio and so on that I felt got squeezed against the motherboard. Not that good of a feeling. I also had problems with the 6 pin connector from the power supply. The power supply comes with one 6+2 pin connector and one 6 pin connector. But the problem was, the last 6 pin connector was to short. Then i got stuck, what to do now? And then i remember that i got a 4 pin to 6 pin adapter. And it saved my day. You can find one at Amazon here:

4 pin to 6 pin adapter
4 pin to 6 pin adapter

Getting ready to Crossfire!

Everything is installed, starting up the computer and both graphic cards start up. The computer boots into Windows and i open AMD Radeon setting. And yes, both cards are listed. But the R7 260X is listed at “not active”. So now I am wondering how I can activate the card. So all the drivers are installed, and then I go to AMD’s website to check if I find any solution. AMD say: “Go to the AMD CrossFire option in the AMD Catalyst™ Control Center and make sure that the check box for “Enable AMD CrossFire” is checked.”. To do this, I went to the “Gaming” tab, clicked the “Global Settings”. Both graphic cards are listed, but there is nothing that tells me that i can enable AMD CrossFire. So it looks like it is not possible.

What now?

I tried different stuff, like check if there is possible to enable som kind of crossfire option in the BIOS. But i did not find anything. So my conclusion is that, you cannot crossfire a R7 260X with a RX 480. And even if it worked, I believe that you would not get any better performance out of it. Maybe worse.

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Fixing a broken Western Digital Caviar Green hard drive – Part 1

So today i got a new project. Fixing a 1 TB Western Digital Caviar Green. It does not work, i tried connecting it to my computer without any luck. I checked both disk management and the BIOS. So next was to get a donor drive to try and solve the problem. I got told that there is a lot of important stuff on the drive, so i had to be very careful with it.

Western Digital Drive
Western Digital Drive

Mechanical problem or PCB problem

So now the question is, is this a mechanical problem or is it a problem with the PCB? After a lot of research I find that this is most likly a PCB problem. So to swap a PCB i need to know two things, the model number and PCB number. In my case the model number is WD10EACS and the PCB number is 2060-701537-004. The PCB number does also have a “REV A” behind, but people on the internet say that this should not matter if this is a A, B, C and so on.

Western Digital Caviar Green donor drive

I managed to find a similar drive on ebay on $140 USD, it is definitely not worth the money. But it is worth the money saving the data on the drive. So i started with swapping the PCB boards and guess what, the drives shows up in the BIOS as a drive with 0 GB of storage. It did not show up in disk management, so what now?

I did some more research online and it looks like Western Digital drives need some more adjustment and a simple PCB swap would not work. So it looks like there is some kind of 8 pin firmware chip that needs to be swapped. But none of my drives have this chip.

What to do next?

So now I am out of ideas, and I did some more research finding out that the controller chip needs to be transferred or reprogrammed. And it is not recommended that i do this my self, someone professional needs to do it. I am leaving this post on some kind of a cliff hanger, because I am not sure what do to.

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Will the Marvell 88SE9215 Sata 3 controller card work with FreeNAS?

So I promised that I would make an update on the Marvell 88SE9215 sata controller card for FreeNAS. Like you probably know, it have been nearly one year since I build my NAS, and the Marvell board have not failed once. I have 2 drives connected to it in Raid 1, and it seems to work just fine.

So will the Marvell 88SE9215 work with FreeNAS?

Yes it will, and you can find the correct one here: I am currently on FreeNAS 9.10. So if you are on an older version, I cannot guarantee you that it will work on your system.

Marvell 88SE9215
Marvell 88SE9215

What about the NAS?

The NAS has been doing its ting. No problems at all. It is only one thing that keeps annoying me, is that I cannot add more RAM. And it bothers me so much, because i see the RAM gets maxed out every time i use the NAS. But i cannot see that it affects the server, it still does its job without problems.

I am thinking of adding two more drives to my NAS, because the ones i have now is maxed out on about 90%, above the recommended. Not sure of what size i am going to go for, but probably 1 TB or more. I have a really low budget on computer parts after the Noctua and RX 480 upgrade of my main computer, so the NAS is not really on top priorities right now.

Other than that, i did not know that it was possible to remove the front cover of the Fractal Design Node 304. So just imagine the amount of dust that was collected in the air filters. And yes, there are fan filters there. Bet you are as surprised as I am if you have the same Node 304 case.

My new MSI Radeon RX 480 8GB Armor OC

So i bought the new RX 480, and i am very happy with the result. I have never bought a graphics card this expensive before. So this will be a new experience for me.

My new RX 480
My new RX 480

MSI Radeon RX 480 8GB Armor OC or MSI Radeon RX 480 8GB Gaming X

I asked myself the same question when buying this video card. And by doing a lot of research, there is nearly no big difference. In one of my favorite video card benchmarks Unigine Valley, I believe you can get from 0 to 5 fps more with the Gaming X. I paid about 100 USD less for the Armor OC, so for me it was definietly worth it. But i think it really depends on the user. I think a red and black video card does not fit in my computer, and when i just installed the brown Noctua fans, it would be like a rainbow inside. So my conclution is, if you have a motherboard that will match the video card and like RGB lights, go for the Gaming X. If you just like a simple video card, go for the Armor OC.

How much did I pay?

I paid 250 USD for the card. I know it looks like a lot, but if you see it from my perspective, it is not. In my country, you would need to pay an import fee and VAT for the card. So let me do some calculations, today the card costs about 240 USD at Amazon. At import i would need to pay 60 USD VAT and a import fee at about 10 USD. So the total cost of the card would be 310 USD. And that is without shipping, Amazon does not ship for free to my country. So I was really lucky paying only 250 USD included shipping for the card, I think it was the last one in their stock or something and buying the Gaming X was not really an option for me when it was 100 USD more.

But i am interested in knowing how you pay for your hardware at Amazon, do you need to pay for some kind of VAT and how much would the total be if you had to pay 240 USD from Amazon? Let me know which country and what the total would be in the comments.

My old XFX R7 260X vs MSI Radeon RX 480 8GB Armor

What i need to mention at first is the sound! I can finally enjoy gaming without hearing the graphic card fan spinning, the R7 260X made even so much noise on about 50% fan speed. I am not sure what XFX though when they designed this fan. But the RX 480 is so quiet, even when benchmarking. And at idle, the RX 480 does not make a sound. Basically because it turns of the fans at idle. I did not even have to adjust the fan settings, because i think they are perfect from the box. It may vary from system to system, but for me it was good.

My old R7 260X
My old R7 260X

So lets talk about fps. I do play games like GTA V, Raise of the tomb raider, Cities: Skylines, Spintires and that kind of games. And going from medium settings at around 30 fps (overclocked), to max settings around 40 to 60 fps in GTA V was a dream for me. It made everything about buying a new graphic card worth it. But i have some scores from Unigine Valley (max settings at DX 11) for you guys to compare the diffrence of the graphic cards:

R7 260X 2GB (not overclocked)

  • FPS: 17.5
  • Score: 732
  • Min FPS: 9.8
  • Max FPS:32.3

RX 480 8GB

  • FPS: 48.7
  • Score: 2040
  • Min FPS: 21.3
  • Max FPS: 89.8

And as you can see, you do probably now understand why i bought a new RX 480.

Would i still recommend the R7 260X?

It really depends on the user. If you can afford paying 90 USD more for the RX 480, I would defiently go for the RX 480. But if you can survive a noisy fan and playing games at medium settings. It is okay to buy the R7 260X. I do not know if the Sapphire Radeon R7 260X 2GB makes the same noise as my XFX RADEON R7 260X 2GB. If you know, tell me and i will write it in this post.


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Going from water cooling to air cooling, leaking GPU block

So i decided to go from water cooling to air cooling. Mostly because it was a lot to do with the water cooling, like my GPU block started leaking and i had to replace the water pump because my old one broke. I think that my system was some quiet, but after i got the new pump everything changed, it made som much noise. Even though the pump looks like my old one, it is not from the same company, so you should be careful on which pump you buy.

My GPU block was leaking

In my last post i recommended a great GPU block, this is the one i bought after my last one started leaking. The first one i bought was a fully black very thin block, and after i opened it i understand how bad quality this was. And this is also one of my reasons i decided going from water cooling to air cooling. I do not want any more leaks. I was lucky that i had my PSU facing the fan downwards, if not the water would leak directly to the PSU and that could have gone wrong.

But i do recommend the last GPU block that i bought, the 43-61mm GPU Water Cooling Block Waterblock. I believe that you can find it for about $15 USD in my last post on ebay, they also look the same. It is definitely worth the price if you have a card similar to me that makes so much noise with the stock cooler.

Noctua fan

I decided to go for the best this time, no more going for the 2nd best. Noctua! I bought three Noctua fans, two for the front and one for the back of my computer. They have a really good reputation if you follow this link to one of the one i bought at Amazon Noctua 120mm NF-S12A FLX, you can see that it got 4.8 of 5 stars which is amazing.

So when i got the fans i was really impressed of the packaging, it felt like i really bought a high premium fan. So i went for one of the Noctua 120mm NF-S12A FLX and two of the Noctua NF-P12 120mm x 25mm.

High static pressure or not?

The Noctua NF-P12 is a high static pressure fan, so this would fit great in the front of your PC. What is basically does is if you have harddrives or air filters in front of the fan, it is recommended to have high static pressure. If you have nothing in front or back of the fan, i would recommend the NF-S12A. Also the NF-S12A is some quieter than the NF-P12, but you still cannot hear any of them.

If you have water cooling, and a radiator. I would recommend buying a extreme high pressure fan for the radiator. It have even more static pressure than the NF-P12. A great example on this is the Noctua NF-F12 PWM. But this one make a bit more noise than the NF-P12.

So this basically sums it to three different fans:

Noctua CPU cooler

I also got a CPU cooler from Noctua. It looked so big when i got it, but when it was intalled, it did not look that big any more. The CPU cooler is a Noctua NH-D9L, and it is as quiet as the rest of the fans. Under load you may hear it. But i am also very glad i bought this with the other Noctua fans.

Something i did not realise, is that the CPU cooler did include package of Noctua thermal paste, but i bought an additional Noctua thermal paste. It is not the same amount inside, but i do not think that i would need the additional one, but it is great to have.

My Noctua S12A (fan) and Noctua NH-D9L (CPU cooler)

The noise – Water cooling vs air cooling

As i said earlier, the new water pump did make a lot of noise. So going to this Noctua setup was a dream. As long as i do not game. Because the graphics card i have now makes a lot of noise when i am gaming. When i am not gaming i did actually set the fan in SpeedFan to idle, so the fan does not spin when the graphics card is not used. When i am gaming, it is a pain. A fair statement from me, is that if you get a good pump for your water cooling, it will be silent. But if you do as me, install only Noctua fans, and get a graphics card with silent fans you will have the quietest computer in your neighbourhood.

But there was still some noise, and that was the PSU fan. And i know I should not open an PSU (disclaimer: Your should not either!). But i did it anyway, and changed the fan to be a more silent one. I can still hear that it makes some noise, but I will survive until i can afford a new fan for the power supply.

Having water cooling vs having air cooling

Am i missing water cooling? Absolutely not, I just wanted to try it. And having an air cooled computer is so much easier. You do not need to think that your computer some day get wet because of an leakage, you do not need to think that your pump suddenly break and this kind of stuff. So if you are not thinking of doing some serious overclocking, I will recommend you to go for air cooling. And like i said, your computer will be more silent with just fans.

I did some benchmarking before and after, and the temperature on the CPU was actually lower after I installed air cooling. The GPU did not have any mayor diffrence. And i feel like the other components on the graphics card and mother board is more cooler now when i have more fans.

Replacing the GPU?

I am actually thinking of replacing the GPU, not only because of the noise. But getting 30 fps on medium settings on GTA V, is not that fun anymore. My R7 260X have done its job, and i am thinking of replacing it with something like an RX 480 or similar.

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